The Association was founded in September 1989 and was originally known as the “Association of American Businesses. It was formally established in August 1997 as the American Chamber of Commerce, Ghana (AMCHAM), and an affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce. The American Chamber of Commerce (Ghana) is a voluntary association of professional and business people, working to create an environment where business can thrive between Ghanaian and American communities. AMCHAM exists to promote commercial, economic, educational and cultural ties between the United States of America and the Republic of Ghana.

The objectives of the Chamber are:

  • To help businesses prosper and grow;
  • To increase job opportunities;
  • To encourage an orderly expansion of all segments of the community;
  • To contribute to the overall economic stability of the community and
  • To encourage and promote the nation’s private enterprise system of competitive marketing

The Chamber which is governed by a Board of Directors has a Secretariat located in Accra and administered on day to day basis by an Executive Secretary. The Chamber’s current membership strength is 85, which represents about 70% of all American Businesses in the country. The programs of the Chamber generally include year round monthly business luncheons, business development seminars and conferences, local and foreign partnership facilitation, provision of useful information on issues that impact on members’ business via internet and database subscriptions.

is the first point of resort for sourcing business contacts for US Trade and Congressional delegations. Over the years, the Chamber has met with and briefed many Trade and Congressional delegations. Amcham also participated significantly in the visit of the former President Bill Clinton and various US Cabinet Secretaries.
The Chamber in October co-sponsored the first US/GHANA Trade & Exhibition, with focus on expanding Trade in US and Ghana.  As part of its activities to promote business efficiency in Ghana, Amcham has set up a Commercial Conciliation Center located at the Chamber’s secretariat.

The objective of this Center primarily is to mediate and settle commercial disputes using the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) concept, which has been well received within legal and para-legal circles not only in Ghana but also in many other countries in the world.

The Chamber had also in the past, established an AGOA Help Desk to assist local and U.S companies to take advantage of opportunities that exist through the AGOA legislation. Essentially AmCham assisted to expand the export market for Ghanaian products to the U.S. The Chamber also assists Government agencies to market the investment potential of Ghana in the U.S from time to time.