U.S. Ambassador Urge Government to Redouble Effort to Protect I.P Rights in Ghana

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The U.S. Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency Robert P. Jackson on Tuesday November 28, 2017 urged the Ghanaian government to redouble its efforts in ensuring that intellectual property rights are protected in the country. The Ambassador said this while speaking at AFAM Concept’s ‘Beauty Splash Hair Festival 2017’ held at the Trade Fair centre in Accra.

Present at this event was the second lady of the Country, Mrs. Samira Bawumia, the Executive Secretary of AmCham, various associations of hairdressers in Ghana and their members, vendors of AFAM Concept products, executive from AFAM Concept Ghana and Nigeria and other players in the hair and beauty industry.

Ambassador Jackson in his remarks said the beauty industry is a sector that offers great promise and stated that the sector has shown remarkable growth over the past years. However he added that as the industry expands, so does the threat from counterfeit products. “While some of these products are merely standard, some are downright harmful to the consumer and to the industry professionals using them.”

“American companies are excited about investing and doing business in Ghana. I applaud President AkuffoAddo’s focus on making Ghana a better place to do business. We appreciate the positive steps already taken, and we encourage the government to redouble its effort to protect intellectual property, seek out fake goods, and hold accountable those who defraud the public.” The Ambassador added.

The second lady, Mrs. Samira Bawumia in her speech urged the hairdressers to take their work seriously, and that they play a vital role in growing Ghana’s economy. She went on to say; it is only when their businesses grow that they can employ people, thus creating jobs for the people.

The AFAM Concept product exhibited included Ossat Naturals, Vitale Olive Oil, Hawaiian Silky Herbal, Leisure Curl, Smooth Organics, Elentee Soy Organics, Organic Hair Energizer, Vitale Pro, Sazzy Botanicals and Hawaiian Silky Organ Oil. The program was organized to exhibit premium hair care brands, provide professional hair care education, discount sales of hair products, display hair styles and entertain the attendees.


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